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TAXtv is a monthly tax update programme available as an annual subscription, (11 issues plus budget editions) to view online or download from the internet.

The programme covers issues most likely to be seen by tax advisers and accountants working in small and medium sized general practice firms but will be of interest to anyone working in the UK tax industry.

Each monthly programme lasts approximately 45 minutes and will feature:


  • Tim Good and Giles Mooney discussing current key tax news, stories and cases
  • an insight into some of the latest tax planning ideas
  • a review of the latest admin points and announcements
  • Interviews with relevant tax experts using their specialist knowledge to offer practical guidance.


Watching TAXtv can count towards your structured CPD requirements and, more importantly, can help you help your clients be accurate and efficient in your tax dealings.

How it works

At the beginning of each month a new edition of TAXtv is uploaded to the website.

Subscribers are alerted by email, and can login and view the latest episode choosing from three different file sizes to suit their bandwidth. The email contains a quick overview of the episode's content. Each episode is also available in chapters.

A schedule of discussion points pertinent to the episode is available and by signing and returning the discussion points, viewers can make a claim to count TAXtv towards their CPD points/hours.

Subscribers are also able to download the programmes to their local machines to view offline at their convenience. 

In addition, subscribers logged into the website can view the complete archive of previous episodes at the click of a mouse.

The subscription licence is valid for 12 months after this time access will revert to free content only - downloading monthly episodes is recommended.

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