An individual can claim viewing of our programmes towards their CPD if, having watched the full programme, they consider how the issues raised relate to their own clients and practice.

To help their focus, each programme has a ‘discussion points’ schedule available. Anyone considering the issues and/or discussing the points raised with colleagues and recording their attendance via the discussion points schedule can claim CPD points/hours.

You will find the discussion point schedules for each episode listed in the top right hand side of the viewing screen. Click into each of the programmes you require and then click “download discussion points”. The corresponding discussion points will download.

We will issue CPD certificates annually to all those who have submitted completed discussion point schedules.

Please note, your professional body may ask for evidence that the issues raised were considered. This evidence may be details of ideas implemented for clients or the change or adoption of a firm-wide policy.

CPD submission schedule - example for larger firms.


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