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Speaking with confidence

Many people dread the thought of public speaking.

Some are competent speakers but struggle to get their message across. Some struggle to bring an entertaining approach to their delivery. Many are fine until anyone answers back or asks questions.  

At a time when more people are expected to be able to present, record clips about their business, be interviewed or run events, developing the speaking skills of key staff is an essential business skill.

Giles Mooney can help.

From beginners to experienced speakers he can develop a person’s skills to:

  • Write and deliver speeches
  • Present conference sessions, including handling questions
  • Conduct or take part in TV or radio interviews
  • Create engaging video content, either as part of your social media strategy, or as informative webinars
  • Speak at board meetings and shareholder presentations
  • Give entertaining after dinner speeches

1-2-1 basis or with a small group

Giles has been a professional speaker for over twenty years, addressing audiences of over a thousand people in theatres to professional groups around board room tables. He has presented at everything from international conferences to open air festivals, breakfast briefings to after dinner speeches.

As well as being one of the most respected speakers on the finance circuit, he is host of two on-line TV programmes which feature technical briefings and interviews with industry experts and is a regular commentator on radio stations in the UK.

Giles has, for the last ten years, worked to help others develop and fine tune their presenting, speaking and interview skills including a number of high profile politicians, sports stars and business people.

From time spent working one to one in a TV studio practicing interview techniques, to working with people in the days running up to a major speech (even working with a client through the night in the conference centre immediately before a speech), Giles has a wealth of experience in helping beginners become more confident and already confident speakers become great orators.

Consideration is given to all aspects of the delivery including pacing, intonation, projection, body language and, where relevant, the relaxed use of teleprompters.

Different communication channels can be catered for including 1-2-1 interviews, face to face presenting to groups and presentation styles which enable you to communicate through different digital channels such as webinars, videos and podcasts.

As well as helping with the delivery of the speech, Giles is also available to help with phrasing within a speech, writing speeches from scratch and how to manage audiences, questioners and even hecklers.

A training session with Giles not only gives you the ‘tricks of the trade’, but is conducted in a relaxed, enjoyable environment to ensure you get the most out of your time.

Giles’ work is, at all times, completely confidential both in terms of content and the people who use his services.

Many businesses miss out on opportunities to promote their expertise and services or disseminate information because their key people are not confident to talk in front of others. Giles can help overcome these fears and give you the confidence to speak in a positive, experienced manner, no matter what presentation style or media.

Whether you’re looking for a short morale boosting chat and tips, an afternoon in a model TV studio or a half day of face to face speech coaching, Giles can help.

Training sessions can be either on a 1-2-1 basis or with a small group.

For further information, contact Giles directly on or call the office on 01604 346248.

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