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Whatever the consequences of the UK leaving the European Union, accountants and tax advisers will play an important role in ensuring that their clients receive the best advice on the inevitable changes to VAT, the likely issues in direct taxation and the problems in accounting and financial reporting that will follow Brexit. The guidance being published by HMRC, the FRC and the professional bodies has highlighted that, as well as those businesses which are obviously affected (like those trading with the EU), most businesses will see some changes to tax and accounting after Brexit.



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It is essential that firms consider the issues as soon as possible following our departure and take steps to minimise potential problems. PTP Limited will be highlighting the traps and the tips to avoid them in a Brexit TV special available from the beginning of April.

Giles Mooney will be joined by Tim Good, Guy Loveday and Neil Warren to discuss exactly what firms need to be considering immediately after Brexit in a programme which can be streamed or downloaded from our website.

The programme is available to pre-order for only £29 plus VAT (price per office). This price applies until the 28th March 2019, after which the programme will be £49 plus VAT (per office).

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